The Rules for Pie

We are NOT bakers or cooks. We are NOT writers even. We deeply appreciate people who cook well and write well and we are not pretending to be either. We are simply two artists. A mother and a daughter. Who love food, especially pie. For breakfast.

We do like to draw food. (To be honest, maybe it’s just the mother who likes to draw food and the daughter who likes to draw abstract shapes and symbols.) But, here we are, willing to give this project a go, and maybe, who knows, it’ll be as much about our relationship to each other as to the pie we make. Or maybe it’ll just be about the food, and that’s fine and probably better.

We’ll critique the recipes from our “unprofessional” point of view. And just because we may like them or not like them, does not in any way mean a recipe won’t be a success or a disaster for you.

For our first ever food blog, the mother and daughter decided they needed some rules. Here they are:

  1. We’ll only literally feature “pie that you can eat for breakfast.” Let’s keep this simple, shall we?

  2. We would take turns picking recipes.

  3. We would work on making them and writing about them together.

  4. We would create some artwork related to the pie in some way. Hopefully together, but the daughter might be a “guest” participant in this capacity. The mother was all in.

  5. We would try to do this 3 times a month.

  6. While traveling, we could feature pie that we do not make, but would eat for breakfast.

Then, we made our rules for what constitutes a “pie.” And here are those rules:

  1. It has to have crust on the bottom. But does not have to have crust on the top. The daughter thought that it could have crust on the top ONLY and NOT have crust on the bottom at all, and still count, but the mother said “no, that’s not a pie, that’s a cobbler or a casserole.” But, the daughter said, “but mom, you make chicken pot PIE and that only has crust on the top?” And the mother said nothing, and continued to type up the rules.

  2. The crust on the bottom can be any type of crust. Pastry crust, puff pastry, graham cracker, hash browns even, as long as it has a crust on the bottom.

  3. We do not have to make the crust from scratch. We are not purists, for cryin’ out loud. We also aren’t vegan, or gluten-free, but we do want to include those sorts of recipes.

  4. A pie can be savory or sweet.

  5. It can be any size or shape. Round, square, a hand-held pie even.

  6. It can be a galette, or tart, or even a quiche, as long as it has a crust on the bottom and a filling inside. Then, the daughter said “a pizza has crust on the bottom, so pizza can be a pie.” The mother said, “no, pizza does not count, it does not have a filling, it has ‘toppings’” and the daughter said “but deep dish pizza has fillings” and the mother said, “well then maybe deep dish pizza would be okay.”